Wendy’s to Finally Serve its Breakfast Menu Nationwide

Credit: Wendy’s

Do you wake up to a rumbly tumbly in the morning? If so, have no fear because Wendy’s is here!

Everyone’s mom has told them that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Wendy’s knows that, which is why the fast food chain announced that it will be expanding its breakfast menu starting next month to include “bold new morning options” that will be available nationwide.

Items like the Breakfast Baconator, Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit and Frosty-ccino will be part of the full menu, which already consists of nine sandwiches.

Three of the sandwiches are made using croissants, including two options with eggs (sausage, egg and Swiss cheese or a bacon, egg and Swiss cheese) and a maple bacon chicken croissant. Other options include egg sandwiches on a biscuit or classic bun. Side dishes like potato wedges will also be sold, and a new blend of coffee will be brewing to wake up hungry patrons.

Wendy’s currently serves some of its breakfast items at about 300 out of its 6,000 locations across the country, but Todd Penegor, the company’s president and CEO, hopes that next month’s nationwide launch will provide “incredible growth and opportunities.”

The fast food chain expects to spend about $20 million to hire over 15,000 employees to help serve breakfast in all its stores. Wendy’s also predicts that breakfast sales will begin to make up around 10 percent of its daily sales.

There are plenty of other competitors in the breakfast space— McDonald’s, Dunkin’ and Panera— and Wendy’s knows it.

On Tuesday, Wendy’s tweeted at McDonald’s asking the burger restaurant to “roast” them. The fast food chain followed up with another tweet about its new breakfast, saying, “Yea, we wouldn’t wake up for your breakfast either. Don’t worry, on 3/2 there will be something worth waking up for.”

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