The Battle of the Chicken

(Photo Credit: Tom McCorkle for The Washington Post)

Who knew fried chicken, buns, and sauce could be so controversial?

In a fad-food obsessed nation with a growing focus on health and ingredients, fast food restaurants with classic and unchanging menus have really had it out for them. To keep their customers coming in, chains have had to re-evaluate what customers were seeking in convenient drive-thrus and indulgent meals.

From incorporating plant-based substitutes into fan favorites, upping customer service, featuring café options and most recently, taking inspiration from other chains. Popeye’s newest menu item, an original chicken sandwich, put the Louisiana chain back on the map for many who had opted for other chicken-focused options.

The success of their new menu option has been created so much traffic that restaurants across the country have reported sell-outs and insane wait times as an unsuspecting staff has had to work to accommodate obsessed customers. The social media hype and limited-quantity has only bolstered sales, creating mayhem as people buy out sandwiches by the dozen.

Popeye’s take on the classic features a Brioche bun, their signature buttermilk-fried chicken patty, pickles, and a Cajun-inspired sauce. In response to the craze, other fast-food chains have taken to social media to reinforce their own options, including Chick-fil-A and Wendy’s.

Whichever chain you pledge allegiance to, we all know that the only thing that really matters is which chain has the best sauce options.

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