Time To Reload Your Starbucks App: The PSL Is Back

(Photo Source: Talk Shop)

Fall is coming sooner than you think

Maybe it’s the scorching heat that has accompanied this summer or the promise of routine that fall brings, but it seems everyone everywhere is ready for the change of seasons, including Starbucks. The coffee brand announced that their beloved nectar of the God’s (the Pumpkin Spice Latte) will be returning to menus very soon… like, really, really soon.

PSL fans will be able to purchase their nutmeg and pumpkin coffee starting August 27th (yes, AUGUST) so I guess your Labor Day cookout can be accompanied by a cozy shot of fall.

As Halloween costumes are already hitting the aisles of Target and Walmart, and cinnamon scented candles are quickly replacing the coconut ones on the shelves of Homewood’s, it doesn’t seem entirely surprising that the PSL is back earlier than ever.

Summer has long been recognized as a slow season for retailers, so pushing seasonal products earlier on is an easy fix to drive business. But starting the season off too early can have the opposite effect, known as the “Christmas creep” (affectionately referred to as autumnal creep).

The cult-like following of the Pumpkin Spice Latte is not likely to push consumers away though, as many are already counting down the days to get their fall-loving hands on the beverage. Time to break out the sweaters and put up the burlap wreaths, fall is back baby.

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