California Begins Enacting Water-Saving Measures

Credit: Unsplash

The threat of drought has the west coast dialing back nonessential water usage.

The coming summer months are shaping up to be exceptionally hot, which means water will become a much bigger concern, especially for western states. California, in particular, has already warned of the possibility of full-on drought conditions this summer if water usage isn’t cut before then. In an effort to nudge the numbers in the right direction, officials have begun ordering a halt on certain kinds of nonessential water usage.

Yesterday, the California Water Resources Control Board passed a measure banning the watering of nonessential grassy locations around the state. This includes, for example, grass parks around college campuses, offices, and certain residential neighborhoods. This measure passed in tandem with a separate vote to limit how often Californians can water their lawns.

“The severity of this drought requires all Californians to save water in every possible way,” said Joaquin Esquivel, chair of the California Water Board.

“The governor made very clear yesterday that there is a sense of urgency here.”

Back in March, California Governor Gavin Newsom warned of severe drought conditions to come due to a lack of voluntary water conservation among the populace. As pleas for voluntary conservation have proved insufficient, Newsom warned recently that the state may have to impose mandatory water usage restrictions if the situation becomes dire.

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