Chris Rock Touches on Slap Incident

Credit: Unsplash

Rock briefly acknowledged his slapping during his stand-up tour.

Since last weekend, the internet has been absolutely abuzz with theories and takes about Will Smith’s infamous slap on Chris Rock during the 2022 Academy Awards. The Academy has already pledged to open an investigation into Smith to determine whether he should be stripped of his Oscar and potentially banned from further award shows. Smith has apologized for his actions, saying that he hopes the Academy can forgive him.

Conversely, the target of the slap, Rock, has been mostly quiet about the incident. Last night, during a stand-up show in Boston, as part of his ongoing “Ego Death Tour,” Rock briefly touched upon the slap, clarifying that he was still putting together his thoughts about it.

“I don’t have a bunch of s— about what happened, so if you came to hear that, I had like a whole show I wrote before this weekend. And I’m still kind of processing what happened, so at some point I’ll talk about that s—. And it’ll be serious and it’ll be funny, but right now I’m going to tell some jokes.”

During a second performance later that night, Rock again clarified that he didn’t have any Oscars-related material for his set, though he also added that he had not spoken to Smith since the incident. “I haven’t talked to anyone, despite what you heard.”

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