Dyson Reveals Hybrid Headphones and Air Purifier

Credit: Unsplash

The Dyson Zone straps an entire air purifier to your face.

Have you ever been listening to music on a pair of headphones and thought to yourself “boy, the sound quality on these headphones is pretty good, but you know what it really needs? An air purifier.”

Well, your weirdly specific prayers have been answered, as Dyson has revealed their newest product, the Dyson Zone, a bizarre Frankenstein of over-ear headphones and an air purifier, strapped right to the wearer’s face. The air purifier visor goes over the wearer’s mouth and nose, directly launching a pair of filtered air streams into both. While this development could be assumed to be an attempt at pandemic-era marketing, which has caused a notable spike in the sale of home air purifiers, Dyson has apparently been working on this device for the past six years.

“Originally a snorkel-like clean air mouthpiece paired with a backpack to hold the motor and inner workings, the Dyson Zone air-purifying headphones evolved dramatically over its six years in development,” Dyson said in a statement. “More than 500 prototypes saw one motor initially placed at the nape become two compressors, one in each ear-cup and the evolution of the snorkel mouthpiece into an effective, contact-free visor that delivers clean air without full-face contact – a brand-new clean air delivery mechanism.”

No word yet on pricing or release date. Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is not an early April Fool’s prank, as Dyson has clarified on their Twitter.

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