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New Zealand claims community spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has come to an end. Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, revealed the good news several weeks after New Zealand issued a lockdown.

Data from a report by Johns Hopkins indicates there are 19 COVID-19 fatalities with over 1,469 people infected. Ardern also reports that in the last couple of days, reported COVID-19 cases are in the single digits.

“There is no widespread, undetected community transmission in New Zealand. We have won that battle. But we must remain vigilant if we’re to keep it that way.” – Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand moved to “level 3” of its lockdown phase, allowing social interactions past one’s personal household. The new phase of the lockdown will also allow certain businesses to reopen for non-contact pick-up or delivery for types of businesses that can function without the threat of community including construction companies.

New Zealand is planning to be in “level 3” for two weeks before discussing the possibility of moving onto “level 2” that will permit businesses such as hairdressers and gyms to reopen with enforced safety rules. For more updates and the latest news, check out the video above.

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