Hawaiian Family Raises World’s Largest Avocado

Credit: Hawaii News Now

You could make a lot of toast with that sucker.

Nothing impresses me more than a farmer’s ability to make their produce really unnecessarily large. It’s the American way, baby.

The Pokinis, a family living on Hawaii’s Maui island, have received official recognition from Guinness World Records for their achievement in growing the world’s largest avocado at a whopping 5.6 pounds. The titanic fruit was harvested from the Pokinis’ family tree last December, and after sending in the documentation and proof to Guinness, they finally received their certificate earlier this week.

The previous record was 5.5 pounds; the Pokinis say they had actually harvested a 5.7 pounder before the current record-holder, but they were unable to get the documentation to Guinness in time. While they were waiting for approval, another farmer in Kona grew a 6.7 pound avocado in January, but unfortunately, they were unable to keep it fresh long enough to receive Guinness approval, so it didn’t count.

No word on what the Pokinis plan to do with their record-holding avocado, if anything. More than likely, they’ll keep it in a freezer or something to preserve it, though personally, I’m leaning towards guac.

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