IKEA Wants To Send Someone To Denmark To Discover What It Means To Be Happy

(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Learn the concept of “hygge”

Happiness is subjective, but that has never stopped philosophers, scholars, and pretty much every person on the planet from trying to figure out the one true key to happiness. In an attempt to answer that burning question, Ikea, the famous furniture store, is looking to send someone to Europe to research what it means to be happy.

According to Ikea Denmark’s website, the brand is looking for someone to send to Denmark for two weeks to research happiness. Demark is the destination of research because the country has consistently ranked as one of the happiest in the world.

As you may have heard or read about in past articles, Denmark’s brand of happiness comes from the concept of “hygge,” which is anything that creates a cozy feeling or atmosphere.

“We know that Danes have a strong emotional connection to their homes, which they perceive as a safe space for wellness and ‘hygge’,” said Lene Gaarde, a communications manager at Ikea Denmark, to Curbed.

So, whatever the key to happiness is, whether it be the living space around a person, good friends, exercise or even being immersed in nature, one lucky person will be tasked to finding out for Ikea.
The person selected will be treated to free travel during the month of September as well as a temporary home in Copenhagen that will be “filled with happiness,” according to Ikea.

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