Jamie Lee Curtis Attends ‘Halloween Ends’ Premiere

Credit: Unsplash

Curtis has confirmed that this will be her last appearance in the horror series.

Last night saw the first screening of Halloween Ends, the newest film in the long-running Halloween horror movie franchise. The film, directed by David Gordon Green, is part of a modern trilogy of films that directly build off of the original Halloween film directed by John Carpenter.

The film’s star, Jamie Lee Curtis, attended the premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. She was joined by her daughters, Annie Guest and Ruby Guest, posting a picture of the three of them on her personal Instagram with the caption “My family. Proudest mother. Loving support. @halloweenmovie.”

Prior to the premiere, Curtis also made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where she announced that she was officially finished with the Halloween franchise. “I care. I care too much,” she said. “I’m a weepfest. I’ve been weeping for about a month now, trying to figure out how to say goodbye to all this.”

To cement her commitment to her departure, she drew up a contract (the legality of which hasn’t been clarified) and signed it on the show, after which Kimmel read its contents out loud. “I declare this is my last Halloween movie,” Kimmel read. “I, Jamie Lee Curtis, queen of scream, daughter of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, mother of Lindsay Lohan. Hereby swear under penalty of perjury that Halloween Ends will be the last Halloween movie I will ever appear in. For all time, across all sequels and multiverses, enforceable by the Police Department of Haddonfield, Ill.”

Halloween Ends will premiere in theaters, as well as on the Peacock streaming service, this Friday.

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