Jared Leto to Star in New ‘Tron’ Movie

Credit: Entertainment Weekly/John Shearer/Getty Images/Disney

Disney sure is adding to its list of projects.

Disney’s sci-fi franchise Tron is getting the revival treatment and word has it that Garth Davis and Jared Leto have been tapped to direct and star, respectively. Leto’s role remains unknown as of right now.

Davis is known for his smaller art house films over the years, including 2018’s Mary Magdalene and the critically acclaimed 2016 drama Lion, which received six Oscar nominations. Jesse Wigutow is writing the script, and Leto is producing along with Justin Springer and Emma Ludbrook.

The original 1982 film starred Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn and was set inside a computer program called the Grid. The story follows Flynn, a computer hacker, who is abducted and forced to participate in gladiatorial games in cyberspace. The film received mixed reviews and ultimately flopped even though its special effects were considered to be game changer for Hollywood at the time. Despite the setbacks, Tron garnered a cult following and in 2010, Disney came out with a sequel, Tron: Legacy. Bridges reprised his role and was joined by Garret Hedlund (who played Flynn’s son Sam) and Olivia Wilde. The sequel followed the three as they entered the virtual reality to prevent a rogue program known as CLU from invading the real world.

Credit: Disney

The sequel ended up being a box office success, bringing in $400 million globally. There were talks of Disney coming out with a direct sequel to Tron: Legacy, but the next steps were not pursued. Leto has also been attached to a third Tron installment since 2017.

With Davis coming on to the project and news of Leto taking part in the production, talk of the next installment finally happening is making the rounds on the Internet. However, the new Tron project has not been given the official green light as of yet.

The film is still in the early stages of development.

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