McDonald’s to Print Vaccine Info on Coffee Cups

Credit: Unsplash

Micky’s is looking to give you some knowledge with your morning coffee.

I’ve already gotten both shots of a COVID-19 vaccine, as has everyone I personally know (which admittedly isn’t many people). But while I and my family are vaccinated, the US is still a far cry from the true herd immunity we’d need to completely return to normal. According to recent surveys, the primary reason for this is vaccine hesitancy from those who are concerned with potential side effects from the shots, or who otherwise have some manner of philosophical hang-up. In an effort to assure everyone that they can and should get vaccinated safely, the White House has been sponsoring a variety of programs to spread awareness, the latest of which will be at your local McDonald’s.

In partnership with the White House, McDonald’s will begin printing helpful vaccine info on their coffee cups starting in July. This is an extension of the US Department of Health and Human Services “We Can Do This” campaign, intended to advocate for vaccination and educate those who might be hesitating. In addition to the campaign’s logo, the updated McCafe cups will feature a link to a website where people can find vaccine safety information and schedule local vaccination appointments.

“We all want to protect ourselves and our loved ones and be together with our communities again,” said Genna Gent, McDonald’s USA vice president for global public policy and government relations, in a statement. “McDonald’s is excited to be doing our part for the people we serve, providing them with simple information that can help keep them safe.”

Xavier Becerra, secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, said in a statement of his own that McDonald’s customers will “be able to get trusted information about vaccines when they grab a cup of coffee or order a meal.”

“This effort will help more people make informed decisions about their health and learn about steps they can take to protect themselves and their communities,” he added.

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