Mike Johnson And Demi Lovato Are Heating Up

(Photo Source: popsugar.com)
(Photo Source: popsugar.com)

First Tyler and Gigi, now Mike and Demi? What’s next?

In a world where brand partnerships and podcasts are plentiful coming out of the Bachelor franchise, it is often accused that contestants have ulterior motives when going on to the show. From furthering their musical careers, becoming models, hoping to be on the next season…it can be incredibly easy to view the TV show as a shot at life instead of a shot at love. But a shocking new installment of drama may give contestants an entirely new motive—the chance to fall in love with a hot Hollywood celebrity.

It all blew up when Tyler C. from Hannah’s season began dating supermodel Gigi Hadid. The couple claims that things are casual, but my definition of “casual dating” doesn’t typically involve apartment shopping and attending familial funerals. But I digress.

Now time to backtrack. During Hannah’s season, she received lots of love from the “Sorry, I’m Not Sorry” singer Demi Lovato. But Hannah wasn’t the only one getting her support. America’s sweetheart and contestant Mike Johnson was seemingly a schoolgirl crush of Lovato’s the entire season. When he was sent home, Lovato took to Twitter saying “ I’M RIGHT HERE MIKE IM RIGHT HERE BOO MY MOM ALREADY LOVES YOU TOO”. Shoot your shot girl.

Image credit: US Magazine

And the crush wasn’t just one-sided. Apparently Johnson took Lovato out for a date in LA, and a second one may be on the way.

There is speculation that the BEAUTIFUL couple was set up by the lovely Ms. Brown herself, who reported to ET on the topic, saying “I definitely have the hookup for Demi, if she wants to be with Mike. I would give her my blessing.”

Regardless of where their relationship goes, I am all here for uplifting, positive, self-loving, gorgeous-smiling couple, who have already made my heart do multiple backflips via simple Instagram flirting.

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