Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid Call it Quits

Credit: Getty Images

Summer lovin’ had them a blast.

In a world where reality TV stars can be the president, people seemed more surprised that they could date a supermodel. After news broke that The Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron had been dating Gigi Hadid, people sorta lost their mind. Unprecedented but not unheard of (Wells Adams recently became engaged to actress Sarah Hyland and Mike Johnson is reportedly dating Demi Lovato), Cameron took over the news for most of the summer. Whether the duo was spotted at after parties, snuggling up in a Starbucks, or attending Gigi’s grandmother’s funeral, people were captivated by the beautiful couple. But now, all out excitement comes to an end. We may never know what the most beautiful child ever could look like, as they couple has broken up.

Though news only officially broke this week, Tyler has been a little sus on talk shows and in interviews for a bit now. Saying things like “we’re just friends” and “that’s my friend, killing it in Paris” both seemed like odd things to say about someone who was just helping you find an apartment close to hers.

Did the couple split so he could revisit things with YouTuber Victoria Benson? Or former girlfriend Hannah Brown? Sources that confirmed the split of the former couple did not disclose details as to why. Maybe they were never as serious as we had thought in the first place.

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