What’s Your State’s Favorite Candy According to Barstool?

Credit: Twitter/@LightsCameraPod

Wax bottles? Good ‘N Plenty? Bit-O-Honey?

Pride in statehood comes in all forms—sports teams, claimed ownership to different celebrities, creation of foods, and “best” weather. Researchers frequently compile data on top state products, phrases, happiness levels… anything really, and residents typically take great pride in what’s “stereotypical” to them. Up until this week, when Barstool’s Lights, Camera, Pod created a candy themed data set based on states preferred movie candy. The results sparked quite a debate on Twitter.

First though, it’s important to note that they *literally* said these results were unofficial and based off of Target and Walmart sales. Which shouldn’t really indicate much in terms of candy purchased for the movie theater (I’m trying not to criminalize myself here) since all law-abiding citizens purchase their movie snacks for the inflated price at the actual theater. Either way, the results were pretty hilarious, ranging from black licorice to Kraft cheese slices. But even funnier than the fake data map itself, were how seriously people were offended when they felt their state had been misrepresented. It’s a rough out there in the world of comedy, folks.

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