Nintendo to Resume Switch Shipments Amid Increasing Customer Demand

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It’s a great time for some Animal Crossing, that’s for sure.

With school possibly being canceled for the rest of the year and social distancing not letting up, many people are taking to gaming as their new pastime. It’s for this reason that many people have been purchasing a Nintendo Switch. However, just a week ago Nintendo halted the shipments of Switch and Switch Lite consoles due to heightened demand after stay-at-home requests were issued amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Thankfully, Nintendo Co. will resume domestic shipments of its popular gaming console, according to company officials, and distribution will resume to sales outlets. The My Nintendo Switch Store website will also accept orders for the Switch with shipments expected to occur in late April to mid-May.

Nintendo had to pause its shipments of the Switch and Switch Lite consoles from its production facilities in China and Vietnam to Japan due to production delays. Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out, the surge in home gaming during COVIS-19 has increased, according to Lisa Hanson, president of Niko Partners.

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In fact, sales of the Switch in Japan went up by 240 percent in March compared to a year ago.

With more people stuck at home with nothing to do, investing in a gaming console to pass the day away with a fun game has been in hot demand. As a result, consoles were being resold at higher prices on internet shopping sites and online flea markets.

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