Parody: Vogue Voices With Neal Mulani

Truly, a fashion genius like no other.

In the average person’s life, there are maybe a handful of young men and women in the world that could be classified as “geniuses.” Some are musicians, some are scientists, some are apricot farmers; whatever it is that they do, they do it at the absolute peak of excellence, and the world is forever changed from their influence.

Neal Mulani is one of those once-in-a-lifetime geniuses, for his artistic brilliance in the world of fashion has demolished all preconceived notions about the very concept of clothing. Mulani is a humble man of humble origins, having grown up in a survivalist colony in Bulgaria. He developed a fondness for working-class styles, looks that are functional, yet equally beautiful to anything else you’d see at Paris Fashion Week.

Occasionally, he’ll travel around the country, observing us normal folk in our natural habitat and soaking up our looks as his inspiration. So great is his star power, however, that were he to be spotted in public, the ensuing fan riot would be nothing short of catastrophic. As such, he must travel with a towel covering his upper body and most of his face in order to remain incognito (though even that look he wears with true grace).

His work has touched the lives of many celebrities, all of whom have had their picture taken with him. You may look at those pictures and think “wait, these look photoshopped.” You would be correct, they are photoshopped; Mulani’s cannot share a photograph with another person, as his brilliance would completely obscure them from few. As such, his agent has to photoshop him into pictures with the celebs he works with after taking separate solo shots.

While only a priviledged few are granted a look at Mulani’s incredible inner workings, there can be no doubt that whatever wonders pour forth from his incredible mind can only improve the world; not just the world of fashion, but the very world upon which we stand.

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