The Wonderfully Weird World

You ever feel like the world and its sensibilities are getting progressively weirder over time? I’m not saying it’s a bad thing; one of my favorite YouTube videos is a ten-second clip of a waffle falling over. It makes me laugh like a hyena every time. But I admit, I’m not entirely sure how we got to this point.

Let’s say, for example, you saw a movie trailer for a guy dressed up as Cookie Monster from Sesame Street breaking into a massive casino to steal a valuable diamond. That’s absolutely bonkers, right? You go back just a few decades, and you wouldn’t see anything like that anywhere. What changed?

I guess part of it was the internet. When every Joe Schmoe with a cable modem can share their minute-to-minute thoughts the moment they pop into their head, we all end up with some pretty wild ideas. Though those wild ideas also tend to be pretty hilarious, if only in their sheer randomness, so who’s complaining. Maybe if you did an in-depth study, you could logic out all of the little societal shifts that eventually led to this current cultural climate, but who has the time for that. There’s entertainment to consume! Bizarre, fascinating, Cookie Monster-suited entertainment. What a magical time we live in.

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