Pre-Orders Open on Replica Poké Balls

Credit: Unsplash

These are for admiring, not throwing.

If you’re a 90s kid, chances are you have wanted your own partner Pokémon at some point. Geneticists haven’t quite pieced that one together yet, so the next best thing is owning a realistic Poké Ball. The Pokémon Company has released plenty of Poké Ball toys and replicas over the years, but the quality is usually middling at best. If you’ve been longing for a proper Poké Ball to keep on your shelf, your wish is about to come true.

The Pokémon Company officially unveiled a die-cast replica of a Poké Ball yesterday as part of their ongoing efforts to release new swag for Pokémon’s upcoming 25th anniversary. These new replicas are being produced in a collaboration between The Pokémon Company and novelty maker The Wand Company.

“Each replica comes with a presentation case—authenticated by a uniquely-numbered hologram—and a polished stainless steel ring that provide multiple ways to properly protect and display the product,” The Wand Company’s FAQ on the replica explains. “Fans will also enjoy multi-colored lights when opening the lid of the case, which can be controlled through a touch-sensitive metal plaque on the front of the case.” The replica also features a motion sensor in the front that will make the front button light up when something moves nearby. You can also push the button to start a simulated catching sequence.

However, there are two major points that the FAQ stresses to all potential buyers. First, the ball does not actually open. Second, and much more importantly, this is not a toy, so don’t try to throw it at anyone or anything. It’s made of die-cast metal; if you lob it at someone, they’re going to get hurt, and the ball will probably get damaged.

Pre-orders are already open on most major online retailers. The replica will run you $99.99, and is slated to deliver on February 27. If the vanilla Poké Ball doesn’t tickle your fancy, don’t worry; according to The Pokémon Company, they’ll be releasing replicas of the Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and Premier Ball over the course of 2021.

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