Second Norfolk Southern Train Derails in Alabama

Credit: Unsplash

The train was not carrying any dangerous materials, and no major damages or injuries have been reported.

On Thursday, the same day that Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw was set to testify before Congress about the major train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, another train under their ownership suffered a derailment in Alabama. 37 train cars jumped the rails in Calhoun County, Alabama, though thankfully, none of them were carrying hazardous materials this time. Two of the cars had carried hazardous materials previously, making them “residue” cars, but their structural integrity was not compromised, so there should not be any threats to local health and safety.

“They did not breach. There is no hazardous material leak. There is no risk at all to the public,” Norfolk Southern spokesperson Connor Spielmaker said at a press conference. “Rail transportation remains the most safe way in this country to transport any type of material,” he added.

Pictures of the scene show the cars turned over on their sides. At the time of writing, the precise cause of the accident is unknown and under investigation by local authorities. “Everybody is safe,” Calhoun Sheriff Matthew Wade told local news outlets. “They have already amassed a large crew of people, and they have cranes, and they are feverishly working.”

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