Shanghai Disneyland Confirms New ‘Zootopia’ Land

Credit: Disney

Looks like those years of rumors are finally producing some fruit.

It has been almost two years ago since details on a rumored Zootopia land heading to Disney’s Animal Kingdom had been making headlines. But now, it has been confirmed by Disney that a nearly identical land was will be developed for Shanghai Disneyland.

The upcoming state-of-the-art attraction will feature the film’s main characters, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. Artwork for the new land has been revealed and it shows guests enjoying an oversized fruit pop as seen in the movies while the cityscape in the distance appears as though it could be the facade for a large building that would house the main attraction.

The new land will focus on immersion, surrounding guests with not just the citizens of Zootopia but also themed entertainment, merchandise, and concessions. Disney also promises a new state-of-the-art ride featuring the film’s main characters.

This would be the second expansion for the Chinese park after the opening of Toy Story Land in Spring 2018.

Construction of the highly-anticipated Zootopia-themed land has begun, and President and General Manager of Shanghai Disney Resort, Joe Schott was quoted saying, “This expansion demonstrates Shanghai Disney Resort’s commitment to bringing new and unique experiences to our guests.”

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