Shonen Jump’s ‘Chainsaw Man’ Ending Next Week

Credit: Unsplash

A “big announcement” is slated to follow.

Out of all of the manga series currently in weekly serialization in Shonen Jump, Tatsuki Fujimoto’s action-horror series Chainsaw Man has been one of the absolute wildest in recent memory. Real quick if you aren’t in the know, Chainsaw Man follows the life of Denji, a young man who hunts terrifying devils with the aid of Pochita, a devil dog with a chainsaw in his face. Faced with a mountain of debt and not a lot to look forward to in his life, Denji’s fortunes suddenly take a wild swing when… well, I don’t want to spoil anything. Let’s just say this series throws a lot at you in rapid succession, and the number of enthralled readers has secured the series a steady spot in the popularity rankings.

But as of yesterday, Chainsaw Man only has one more chapter in the pipeline before its story’s conclusion. It’s sad when a series you’re enjoying ends, but apparently that’s not the complete end of things. Jump has teased that alongside the series’ final chapter, releasing with the next issue of the magazine on December 14, there will be some manner of big announcement. Obviously, nothing’s been divulged yet, but the rumor mill has been grinding along. When your manga is about to end and Jump says there’s a “big announcement,” it’s usually either one of two things: a new series from the same creator, or an anime adaptation, the latter of which most people seem to be hoping for.

VIZ Media, who publishes most of Jump’s comics in volume form in the west, just recently released the official English-translated volume 2 of Chainsaw Man, which is now available at most major retailers. As with Jump’s other publications, VIZ also hosts digital uploads of the series on its website, where you can read the first few and last few chapters for free, though you’ll have to sign up to read everything in between.

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