What’s Your Favorite Genre of Music?

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Music soothes a savage world.

I, along with many others, I’m sure, have long since wondered how the concept of music came about. No matter how far back you go in recorded human history, music already seems to exist in a relatively developed form. Even if it was just some drums or a lute or whatever, instruments could still be easily identified as such. Who was the very first cave dweller to bang a rock against another rock and decide they like the rhythm? Well, we may never know, but whoever you are, ancient cave musician, I salute you.

Modern music has branched out in an unfathomable number of variants, filling every possible niche. I’m quite partial to electroswing and vaporwave, myself. It would take a hilariously long quiz to determine which out of this infinite myriad of musical stylings are your personal favorite, but we can at least go a little more general. So answer some questions, and we’ll see which tune the drum of your heart beats to.

  • What’s Your Favorite Instrument?

    • Guitar
    • Keyboard
    • Violin
    • Turntable
    • Your own voice
  • How Loud do you Like Your Music?

    • Not at all
    • Not very
    • Somewhat
    • Very loud
    • As loud as possible
  • What’s the Best Venue for a Concert?

    • A bar stage
    • A huge party
    • An opulent ballroom
    • A concert hall
    • An outdoor stage
  • When was the Best Era of Music?

    • Pre-70s
    • 70s-80s
    • 80s-90s
    • 90s-2000
    • 2000-Present
  • How Many Members Should a Musical Group Have?

    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Four
    • Five or more

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