‘Bad Guy’ Ends Reign of ‘Old Town Road’

(Photo Credit: billboard.com)

After 19-weeks at number one, Lil Nas X’s single has dropped, and Billie Eilish earns her chart-topper

After nine long weeks of being number two, Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy has officially dethroned Old Town Road on the Billboard Hot 100’s list.

Interestingly, both artists respective songs have also seen re-releases with fellow artists hopping on their tracks to give the songs new sounds. Lil Nas X’s collaboration with Billy Ray Cyrus brought the song to fame, while Billie Eilish’s duet with personal idol Justin Bieber included a new album image featuring a young Eilish in her bedroom adorned with old Bieber fever posters.

Image credit: Youtube

Eilish, the 17-year-old pop star known for her unique sound and incredible lyrics, rose to fame quickly, being one of the youngest stars to perform at Coachella this past year. Her aesthetic and style have been incredibly present in the news lately, from news sources calling her “unrecognizable” in a lace wedding dress and critiquing her choice of clothing. In securing the coveted top position on Billboard, hopefully, media will focus on the stars’ talent instead of nit-picking her choice of outfit each day.

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