This New Wellness Trend Has Everyone Getting Massages

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Though the exact type of massage may come as a bit of a surprise

The most recent rise in new wellness practices is a bit more high-maintenance than jade rolling or at-home hair masks. Celebrities and lifestyle aficionados have been raving about the benefits of Lymphatic Drainage massages, a unique massage that focuses on aiding in the removal of lymph block up.

The lymphatic system is responsible for removing waste and unwanted toxins from the body. However, due to environmental implications (such as diet, surgeries, lack of exercise, or stress) and genetic makeup, some peoples’ lymph systems have a more difficult time in removing toxins. As a result, the waste builds up in the lymph nodes creating a swollen, bloated appearance, known as lymphedema. Though most lymph nodes are located in around the groin and in the armpit region, the fluid retention can lead to unwanted puffiness spanning the entire abdomen, legs, and arms.

The medical benefits of clearing unwanted toxins include aiding in better digestion, clearing the skin, increased energy, and decrease in joint pain. Clearing the lymph nodes can also create a leaner, less bloated appearance.

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The clearing is done through a specific style of massage, that uses pressure to create a vacuum-like suction so that fluid can rush to the lymph nodes and flush out the toxins. With increased water intake following the massage, patients quickly remove waste and are left with a healthier lymphatic system.

So whether you are seeking an immunity-boost or a quick slim-down, a lymphatic drainage massage is a quick way to produce results.

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