Wine Drinkers Are Angry About WHAT?

(Photo Credit: Kendall-Jackson)

It’s 2019, and the fight for emoji is on

In such a hectic, ever-changing world of frequent chaos, there is one constant to depend on: people will always want more emoji’s. Over the years, Unicode has rolled out plenty of updates to the infamous group of emoji’s loved by texters everywhere.

Changing the dimensions, adding new smiley faces, featuring the ability to alternate skin tones, and the inclusion of more foods and animals have been seen in previous revisions and updates for the familiar emoticons. But even with so many to choose from, all emoji-users are familiar with the frustration of not having the perfect icon. White wine enthusiasts will have to continue to feel under-represented, as their petition for a white wine emoji has been turned down.

Kendall-Jackson, a leading white wine producer, led the movement which included a 19-page petition to Unicode to create a white wine emoji, so Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay drinkers everywhere could feel represented in the emoji world. The efforts proved to be in vain though, as the committee turned down the appeal in fear that it would create added pressure to include color variation in multiple other food and drink emoji.

The real question though, is when the heck are we getting a rosé emoji?

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