Which Marine Mammal Are You?

Credit: Unsplash

There’s more than just fish in the big blue.

The ocean makes the vast majority of the surface of the Earth. As such, besides obvious residents like fish and crustaceans, the ocean is full of warm-blooded mammals just like you’d find here on dry land, albeit adapted for life in the drink.

Despite living in such different conditions from us, many marine mammals possess personality traits and behaviors we can see in each other. Answer a few questions for us, and we’ll figure out how you choose to swim through life.

  • What’s the Best Way to Get Someone’s Attention?

    • Perform a flashy trick
    • Make a loud noise
    • Just wait until they notice you themselves
    • People always notice me immediately
    • Physically nudge them
  • What’s the Best Way to Obtain Something You Want?

    • Logic out a solution
    • Threaten someone
    • Use some manner of tool
    • Ask someone for help
    • Wait for it to come to you
  • Do You Consider Yourself a Social Person?

    • Absolutely
    • Mostly
    • Somewhat
    • Not really
    • Not at all
  • What’s Your Favorite Way to Spend Time?

    • Paling around with friends
    • Learning new things
    • Chilling out
    • Exploring the world
    • Helping your family
  • What Would You Say is Your Best Quality?

    • Intelligence
    • Sociability
    • Ingenuity
    • Strength
    • Endurance

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