Some U.S. Schools Ending Distance Learning, Say it’s Too Stressful

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Some schools have decided to end the year early.

It’s been a tough transition for some to go the distance learning route, but that’s likely to end soon for some school districts. Chattahoochee County school district made the decision to end the school year early, and seniors lined up last week to complete their graduation paperwork. They missed out on prom, a senior class trip, and other senior school activities because school ended abruptly in March and everyone was forced to comply with stay-at-home orders.

Many students did not like the transition to online remote learning, saying that it was difficult to stay motivated because there was nothing to look forward to and friends couldn’t see each other.

Chattahoochee County, located in rural Georgia, decided to pull the plug on distance learning. For the school, remote distance learning was too stressful and there was a lack of devices and internet access, according to local news. For Georgia, the end of the school year normally consists of standardized testing, but with everything canceled, the governor and state schools’ superintendent were not opposed to fewer school days.

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For subject matters that were not covered this year, teachers will be required to find a way to include them in next year’s curriculum for returning students.

Other districts around the U.S. that are ending the school year early include Omaha and some suburban districts in Nebraska, Washington, D.C., and New Hampshire. School districts are citing stress and easing family/student issues as reasons for ending remote learning early and are now focusing on preparing for a fresh new start in the fall.

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