Spitting is Essential to Wine Tasting

Photo Credit: Alcantara Vineyards

We reveal the secrets of spitting for wine tasting

Spitting is not something that many people consider to be very sophisticated. However, if you’re a wine taster, it is essential to soak up the full experience. In Paris, where wine tasting is extremely popular, spitting out the wine is considered to be distinguished.

As part of the wine tasting process, wine connoisseurs want to begin by getting a good whiff of the wine. Once you drink the wine, you should swirl it around in your mouth for a few seconds and then, in the most graceful manner possible, spit the wine into a spittoon. Part of the fine wine experience is to make sure that the wine looks, smells, and tastes good.

Spitting out the wine really releases the aromas. People find it offensive and a waste of wine by doing so, but it really helps in the process of perfecting the right wine. But, if your job is to be a professional taster, becoming intoxicated by drinking the wine would happen regularly and be unhealthy. When you have to taste 100 wines at a time, spitting is essential to keep yourself clear-minded.

The science of making fine wine is one that people take very seriously. Similar to perfume, wine is supposed to create a myriad of sensations. Wine is not taken lightly by those who create it.

A recent push has been made to include labels on wine bottles that include calories and ingredients. The label will never be able to do full justice to the actual taste of wine. Just think about where wine comes from; it includes a mix of soil and the weather while perfecting the actual craft of winemaking to put together the perfect wine.

So, the moral of the story is to not be offended if someone spits out your wine. They are soaking up the full aroma of the wine and appreciating all the special gifts that come along with it. Wine is meant to be treasured and enjoyed by all, even if you have to look a little less distinguished at times to spit it out.

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