Huge Fire Breaks Out At Warner Bros. Studio

(Photo Credit: Splash News)

London Warner Bros. Studio burst into flames

Warner Bros. studio near London where all eight Harry Potter moves were filmed caught on fire. Thankfully, after more than 12 hours of tackling the fire, firefighters were able to put out the giant blaze.

The incident began late on Wednesday evening where nearby residents saw smoke rising from the lot. Several crews rushed to the site overnight and stayed to battle the fire into Thursday afternoon. The fire was still going strong at about 1 a.m., but thanks to the hard work of the fire crew, the fire was finally extinguished after 2 p.m. local time.

The local council shared that 18 fire engines and support vehicles were at the scene and that nobody was injured. In order to put out the fire, three jets and one aerial ladder was used, and crews closed roads around the site to run a hose from a nearby canal.

The Warner Bros. studio offers popular tours of the sets and sound stages used in the Harry Potter films. Despite the blaze, tours are still running, according to the studio’s website.
Other than the Harry Potter films, movies like “The Dark Knight” and installments of the Spider-Man and the Bourne franchises have also been filmed at the Warner Bros. studio in London.

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