Stanley Tucci Teaches Fans How to Make Negroni

Credit: Wibbitz Entertainment News

An actor and a bartender?

Stanley Tucci hosted an informal happy hour masterclass in an Instagram video on Monday, and people have been raving about the actor’s bartending skills since.

The video started with Tucci offering his wife Felicity Blunt a Negroni, a bitter cocktail typically made with Campari, sweet vermouth, gin, and a bit of orange peel. For many, the drink is usually a hit or miss, but Tucci’s seems to have been a hit.

Tucci adds ice to a cocktail shaker and pours two shots of gin, one shot of sweet vermouth, and one shot of Campari. The actor suggested substituting the gin with vodka for those who do not have a taste for the liquor.

He goes on to shake the mixture before pouring the drink into a coupe glass.

“I put it in a coupe, like that, but you can put it in a martini glass, or whatever you want,” Tucci said.

To finish it off, Tucci garnishes the drink with juice from an orange and places a citrus slice in the glass. Tucci shared that this same drink could be made on the rocks.

Fans took to social media to praise the actor for his soothing and skillful bartending skills. Others were impressed with the actor’s sophistication and keeping things fun during quarantine.

Since the video went viral, Chris Evans, who starred alongside Tucci in Captain America: The First Avenger, attested to Tucci’s bartending expertise.

“On some (most) days after we finished filming on the first Captain America movie, Stanley would make us martinis in his trailer,” Evans tweeted. “He’s an absolute gem. However cool, fun, witty, and charming you think he is, double it and you’re halfway there.”

For those that can’t get enough of Tucci’s kitchen skills, he published a cookbook in 2012 titled “The Tucci Cookbook.”

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