The First Meteor Shower of Spring Will Light Up the Night

Credit: Alamy

Forget your worries and just enjoy the beautiful night sky.

The first meteor shower of spring, known as the Lyrid meteor shower, began on Sunday evening and will peak late on Wednesday night. There has not been a meteor shower to light up the night sky since the beginning of the year, so the Lyrid meteor shower will provide a fun and beautiful night of sky watching.

The Lyrid meteor shower will be visible across the globe and better seen because of the waning moon. Depending on your location, late evening and early morning hours are said to be the best times to see the meteor shower, according to the American Meteor Society.

Credit: Fox 4 Kansas City

Before midnight will better provide slower and longer showers to view. The ones that streak horizontally across the sky and have glowing trails are known as earthgrazers.

The Lyrid meteor shower is an annual event that only occurs around this time of year when Earth’s orbit crosses paths with Comet Thatcher. The meteor showers are a result of the comet losing pieces of itself that end up flying into the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

Additionally, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will be visible, and this will not happen again for another couple of years, so keep an eye out.

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