The Blue Java Banana Tastes Just Like Ice Cream

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They taste as unique as they look

Have you ever wished you could have dessert for breakfast or maybe even as a midday snack? Well, one particular banana that is blue in color is here to do just that.

Bananas like the Blue Java (Musa acuminata ‘Blue Java’), which are grown in many parts of Asia, Australia, and Hawaii, are becoming more popular. The banana, which is actually unripe, takes on a greenish-silver-blue hue due to its wax coating and has a white flesh that contains black seeds.

The reason why the blue java banana is becoming more sought after is that it tastes like vanilla ice cream, hence the nickname “Ice Cream” banana. The fruit itself is sweet and soft – creamy texture and flavor that’s reminiscent of vanilla custard or soft serve – and can be consumed raw.
Because of the unique taste, the blue java bananas make for a great one-ingredient ice cream that tends to go viral every summer. The banana is said to be typically fluffier than the typical banana, and are normally found in tropical climates, though they are cold tolerant as long as they get a good amount of sunlight.

The popularity of such a fruit comes on the heels of growing interest in more unorthodox banana types as various news outlets have been reporting that bananas could become extinct due to numerous factors like climate change, insect infestations, poor soil quality, and plant pathogens.

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