Check Out Florida’s Hidden Gems For The Best Ice Cream

(Photo Credit: SunSentinel)

One place serves ice cream from a sink

Don’t you just love cooling off in the summer with a delicious cup or cone of your favorite ice cream?

Florida is known to get pretty high up there in temperature during the summer season, but the state also is a great way to hit the road for a mini road trip. So if you love exploring different parts of town and just happen to love ice cream, why not check out some of these unique gems and get that cold creamery fix?

One particular ice cream shop that has made headlines for being an old-fashioned ice cream parlor right in the heart of South Florida is Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor in Dania Beach. It’s a restaurant that will most definitely take visitors on a nostalgia trip because of its retro vibe and American fare.

Jaxon’s is known for serving the most decadent and craziest toppings and flavor combos. The Kitchen Sink is the biggest ice cream size you could get at this place for up to 20 people. The shop even has a candy store filled with all sorts of childhood favorites such as Bubble Gum and Necco Wafers as well as vintage American memorabilia laid out all across the shop for decoration.

Another fan favorite combo is doughnuts and ice cream, an that’s where Yonutz, a Florida bakery that specializes in serving gourmet smashed donuts and ice cream, comes into play. Glazed doughnuts are filled with ice cream, hot pressed and topped with your favorite toppings. The menu even offers froyo, donuts, milkshakes, ice cream, and smoothies.

If you like your ice cream fresh from a farm, then one Florida small town has the perfect homemade ice cream like you wouldn’t believe. Right off the beaten path lies Ocheesee Creamery in Grand Ridge, Florida is small, a third-generation family-owned farm that features their very own assortment of milk, butter, cream, and ice cream.

Offering a tour, visitors can watch through the glass as the milk gets bottled right on-site, they can purchase the freshest butter and milk, and even stock up on the farm’s different flavors of ice cream. Fan-favorite flavors include Sweet Cream, Coffee Cream, Moo-Latte Crunch and seasonal flavors such as Black Raspberry.

So, if you love a little trip with a sugary sweet fix, then these ice cream locations are the perfect mini summer adventure.

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