Celebrate Your Un-Birthday at This Alice in Wonderland Themed Restaurant in Florida

Credit: Yelp

A very merry un-birthday to who? To you! Let’s all congratulate with another cup of tea!

Every so often you come upon a magical place in Florida that isn’t Disney World. The Sunshine State is home to a lot of small-town gems and one of them is The Mad Hatter Restaurant in Sanibel. The Alice in Wonderland-themed restaurant lets guests escape down a rabbit hole for just a few hours to enjoy a delicious meal worthy of any tea party.

The restaurant is filled with trinkets and treasures, reminding guests that they’re “all a little mad” but it truly feels as if one has stepped into the pages of the classic fairy tale. The decorations include memorabilia and reminders of the storybook, but aside from the interior, guests are also there for the food.

The Mad Hatter Restaurant serves up some of the most creative dishes that is certain to satisfy any rumbly tummy. Both whimsical and flavorful, all the dishes from the entrees to the desserts display a childlike wonder.

And the best part? You won’t have to get lost in the woods to find this eatery because The Mad Hatter Restaurant is just steps from the beach. Located at 6467 Sanibel Captiva Rd, Sanibel, FL 33957, this restaurant is certainly one for enchanted traveler.

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