Warm Up Those Cold Car Rides with a Heated Blanket that Plugs into Your Car

Credit: Amazon

Cozy up in the car for those long straight shot car rides.

Amazon basically answered everyone’s unasked prayers by selling heated blankets that plug straight into the charger of a car. Anyone that drives a car during the cold months knows just how teeth chattering and bone chilling it can be waiting for the heat to kick in full force. And nothing is more important than keeping warm, especially if you are driving long hours on the road.

The blanket is selling for $24.99 and promises to warm up in three minutes once plugged in to the cigarette lighter socket adapter. There are two temperature levels— high and low— and it features a soft and cozy design.

So, no need to wait for Christmas to gift someone with this blanket. It is still winter season until March.

But what is a car ride without other toasty gadgets to keep you at your warmest? Coffee on a road trip is always a good choice, so the Retro Heated Travel Mug keeps the drink piping hot. Set to automatically shut off once the coffee reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit, the mug ensures that your coffee will remain hot, but not hot enough to burn your tongue.

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