The Facts About Iron Deficiency

Gotta have that real steel in you.

Iron is one of the most important minerals for a human body, and I bet you don’t know why. Iron is what allows the body to transport and receive oxygen. If you’re lacking in iron, your body may have difficulty oxygenating itself, even when you can breath just fine. If this happens on a regular basis, you may have iron deficiency anemia. So what do you need to know about IDA?

First of all, there’s no surefire way to know you have IDA, at least on your own. The symptoms are often kind of murky and sporadic. If you think you might have it, don’t make assumptions, just go see your doctor.

One of the myths of iron deficiency is that it arises in those who don’t eat enough red meat. Certain diets can be a contributing factor to IDA, but just one; there’s lots of reasons it could manifest. There’s also a myth that IDA only happens to women. Menstruation and pregnancy do make one more susceptible to iron deficiency, but anyone can get it, male or female.

If you’re diagnosed with IDA, don’t expect it to go away overnight with a few vitamins and some sleep. It’s gonna take a while to build up your body’s reserves of iron. Don’t worry, though; IDA is very much treatable, and shouldn’t require any invasive procedures.

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