Here Are The Signs That You’re Going Through Burnout

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You might need to cut back on work

Now that burning out is an official diagnosis it is important to notice the signs to help avoid any breakdowns you may have. You may currently be working at your dream job, but sadly overworking yourself can lead to burnout, so here are some alarming signs you should take notice of.  

If you find yourself tired all of the time it may be the perfect time for you to take some time off work. According to the ICD-11, one of the main criteria for burnout is “feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion.” Sadly, just getting a full night’s sleep isn’t going to always fix the issue.  

“Increased mental distance from one’s job” is another official criterion of burnout. This means that when you clock out of the day you end up feeling like you ended up accomplishing none of the tasks you set out to do.  

“It’s really feeling just this lack of motivation and procrastination towards tasks that used to come very easily,” Wilding said. This can become a big issue for more goal-oriented people who like doing work at a high level. However, once burnout hits them the motivation for putting in 100% at work will begin to feel draining.  

“I think [burnout] can happen in situations when you are very energetic and you have lots of great ideas, but for whatever reason, maybe upper management is not paying attention, or they never implement any of the things that you suggest, so after a while, you can feel like, “Okay, why even bother?'” said Joy Harden Bradford, an Atlanta-based licensed psychologist.  

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