Meme Watch – Me and the Boys

This meme trend is blowing up social media

I think we’ve all been in at least one situation in our lives where we’re about to do something really silly and/or juvenile with our friends, and the whole group has dumb looks on their faces. Nothing wrong with it; when you’re with your boys (or girls), anything can seem funny with the right timing and context. I distinctly recall a time where I was playing touch football with some friends, and one of them accidentally called it “footbach,” and the dumb look immediately appeared on all of our faces. Out of context, it’s just weird and stupid, but in that perfect moment, it’s comedy gold.  

It’s this notion that the “Me and the Boys” meme exemplifies.  

Here we see four prolific Spider-Man villains, randomly plucked from cells from the old 60s-era Spider-Man cartoon. For those of you who don’t recognize them on sight, from left to right they’re The Rhino, The Vulture, Electro, and Green Goblin.  

Look at those faces. Toothy grins, lidded eyes, open-mouthed slavering in Rhino’s case. This is the parade of faces that lets you know someone just farted at the perfect moment. Here’s a few variations for your viewing pleasure. Bonus points if you look at all of them with your friends while making the same faces. 

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