Justin Bieber Releases New All-Natural Deodorant

(Photo Credit: Getty Images/Composite)

JB goes into the beauty industry with new natural deodorant

Along with his thriving career and unrivaled success as a singer and songwriter, Justin Bieber is branching out into something new. This new project is something that he is passionate about and couldn’t be happier to release.  

Justin Bieber’s latest collaboration isn’t on the next big pop album or the latest movie release. His latest collab is with global beauty brand Schmidt, to release his all-new plant-based deodorant. Schmidt is famous for award-winning natural products.  

All of Schmidt’s products are plant-based and adhere to moral and ethical standards of production and testing. The goal of the brand, to be happy and healthy physically and mentally. And Justin Bieber’s latest project lives up to the name of the brand. 

Justin Bieber designed and created his own signature scent for the new deodorant. He even designed the label artwork making every part of this project truly his from start to finish. In a recent interview, he told People magazine, “The time was right to make something happen and bring to life an exclusive product collaboration that will bring new fans into the natural category.” 

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