Target Carries Fanny Pack Coolers And Has Thought Of Everything

The fanny pack is big enough to fit a bottle of wine

Just when you thought Target had thought of everything, you would be wrong, because they have once again released an item, we never could have thought of ourselves. 

It was recently shared that Target has released a handful of affordable fanny pack coolers. Yes, we’re talking the very stereotypically 90s fanny packs with built-in insulation, perfect for keeping all your favorite summer beverages cold or treats cold. 

The fanny pack coolers are the newest addition to Target’s very Instagram-worthy Sun Squad collection. This collection boasts bright, sunny, summery colors, and the best part about it is how inexpensive it is. Whether you’re needing the perfect pineapple-shaped drink dispenser or a cactus wine tumbler, your next pool party basically needs a Sun Squad cameo. 

The insulated fanny pack we are currently crushing on is a mere $6, and its design is complete with the cutest grapefruit design we ever did see. There’s also a mermaid version that comes in a shiny, iridescent blueish-purple. 

Don’t lose the opportunity to make this cute accessory part of your next beach day or picnic outing. 

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