Meme Watch – Spider-Man IMAX Poster

Marvel fans are not pleased

Spider-Man: Far From Home comes to theaters first thing in July. It’s set to be quite the spectacle of film, not to mention the chronological next story after the events of Avengers: Endgame. To promote the film (specifically, their showings of it), IMAX released a promotional poster featuring Spider-Man, Nick Fury, and Mysterio. Unfortunately, the poster looks like something I made in my high school graphic design class. 

Weird lighting, awkward placement, funky colors; yeah, that’s a lot of graphical no-nos. In response to this poster, the graphically-inclined members of the interwebs decided to follow IMAX’s example and create their own less-than-stellar posters for Spider-Man. 

This makes me miss ice cream trucks more than anything. 

Why is Rey Mysterio in-? Oh. Nevermind. 

I swear I saw a flash cartoon in the mid-2000s that looked just like this. 

I don’t know why, but this looks like a Disney Channel promo to me. 

Okay, I lied; this is what my high school graphics class assignments looked like. 

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