Meme Watch – The Backrooms

What is “The Backrooms”?

Have you ever been playing a video game, when suddenly, your character glitches out and falls through the floor? And when they finally stop falling, they end up in some weird void they can’t escape from? It’s a mild inconvenience in a game; you gotta restart the game, you might lose some progress, but not much else. But what if you were to fall into such a place in real life? Well, good news, you wouldn’t be in an empty black void. The bad news is you’d end up in the Backrooms, which might be worse. 

Originally submitted to a 4chan thread requesting “disquieting images,” the Backrooms are, at least according to the original poster, a seemingly endless labyrinth of old carpets, faded yellow wallpaper, and loud, buzzing florescent lights, as well as the potential of an otherworldly being stalking you. It’s not a fun place to be. 

Well, it might be a little better if you had the Doom Slayer with you. At least then the otherworldly whatever won’t get you. 

Some people even think they might be nice to live in. Which, yeah, maybe for a little while, at least until the whole “needing to eat” thing makes itself known. 

Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll find some spaghetti. 

Having some friends around might make it more bearable. Or maybe worse! I dunno. Depends how quickly someone puts cannibalism on the table. 

But more than likely, you’ll end up like this poor soul, stranded with a quickly dwindling phone battery. Try not to think about it. 

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