Meme Watch: Tropical Storm Karen

Credit: Getty Images

She really is *that* storm.

To be clear, nothing about serious weather patterns and storms is funny. The potential for damage and destruction posed as a threat by tropical storms and hurricanes is not to be taken lightly. It is encouraged that those in the cone of uncertainty prepare accordingly, whether that means shuttering up homes or evacuating coastlines.

But when you name a tropical storm Karen, you’re bound to get a couple of chuckles. Tropical Storm Karen was officially named last week as the storm formed haphazardly in the Atlantic Ocean. While people prepared for yet another storm, they also took the time to laugh at the terribly named force of nature. Apologies in advance to any Karens out there that don’t fit this stereotype, you are the real MVP.

Who is Karen? We’ve all met her, perhaps with a different name though. Simply, Karen is anyone resembling Kate Gosselin from Jon and Kate plus Eight during their publicized divorce. Karen has an outdated and harsh haircut, with chunky highlights, and a deep side-part comb-over. Karen takes her anger out on customer service and sales representatives when her demands are entirely out of their job description and pay range. Karen sends her food back at restaurants even when it comes exactly as ordered and schedules more parent-teacher conferences than teachers deserve. Karen loves trying to use expired coupons and wearing oversized black sunglasses. And, Karen is the most recent storm-turned-meme.

Here are some of the best Karen Tweets and memes to hit the internet since it received the gift of the poorly named storm.

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