Meme Watch – Karen

The women beloved by the internet, Karen

Everyone knows a Karen. They don’t have to be named Karen, and they don’t even have to be a woman, but everyone most definitely knows at least one person who can be classified as “a Karen.” Urban Dictionary defines a Karen as someone who is middle-aged, really annoying, and frequently speaking to peoples’ managers over trivial matters. That’s a good general definition, though in simpler terms, a Karen is someone who is annoying, overly-entitled, and generally thick-headed.  

The internet has apparently had its fair share of Karen interactions or has otherwise thought up quite a few. For your viewing pleasure, here are a few of the horrors of Karen. 

A Karen insists everyone follow along with whatever annoying notion pops into their head. 

A Karen is woefully unaware of the inconveniences they cause others. 

A Karen needs to turn everything into a fashion statement or knick-knack. 

A Karen thinks they’re a lot smarter than they are. 

And at their most powerful… 

Karens can potentially destroy the universe. 

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