Dj Diplo: Internet Troll

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2019 is SOMETHING else, man

Celebs are just like us. They buy dog food, they cut themselves shaving, they even cut up their own vegetable from time to time… oh, and they get their social media accounts hacked, too! What started as questionable content being posted by either Nick, Joe, or Kevin (or their managers) (or, maybe the Jo-sisters) onto the official Jonas Brothers Instagram account has taken a turn, as photo after photo of DJ Diplo was shared to the account.

Seems harmless, right? Not to the brothers, who each voiced their opinions on the matter via comments on Diplo’s hacked posts from their personal accounts.

It remains unknown if Diplo was really just trying to be another internet troll, or if he was intentionally trying to take away the account from the brother band. He seems to be taking the matters much less seriously, as he has not responded to any text messages or calls regarding the stolen account.

Most recent content posted to the account has been teasing to something happening at 12 am, but it seems the brothers were able to regain control of their precious Insta before some jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, scandalously juicy post was published. Or maybe it was just going to be a Spongebob meme.

We may never know. Or perhaps it was all a planned “scandal” and the DJ and pop band are collaborating on something? I’ve been known for crazier conspiracies.

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