McDonalds Launches PLT

(Photo Credit: McDonalds)

We see you McDanks, hopping on *that* bandwagon

McDonalds has been the most recent fast-food chain to announce plans to “go green” (ish) by creating a meat-free entrée sandwich.

But they’re a little behind. Burger King, Taco Bell, and Subway have all already taken to the plant-based trend, and it’s shocking that it took mickeydee’s so long to catch on. regardless of their lack of timeliness…introducing the PLT, or the “plant, lettuce, tomato” sandwich. While the name may sound like a potted plant between two sesame seed buns, McDonalds has partnered with Beyond Meat to create a plant-based burger.

The new menu item is set to hit restaurants next week, but the advertising has already begun to hype up lovers of the golden arches. Personally, I was hoping for a plant-based Big Mac, but this will just have to do. Though a change in name may be necessary. The PLT is an obvious play off of the BLT, but the images being shared by Mcdonalds show absolutely no sign of veggie-friendly bacon adorning the patties. So, it’s really just another veggie burger.

The new item seems to be an effort to bring more business in for good ole Ronald McDonald following very slow and stagnant growth. While McDonalds’ sales may be lower than desirable, shares and sales for Beyond Meat have more than tripled since May, and restaurant competitors who have already opted for vegetarian options have seen sales increase.

As long as the sandwich comes with fries, I’m all for it.

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