Meme Watch – Gooigi

What is Gooigi?

I think we can blame Ghostbusters for the eternal attribution of squishy goo to ghosts. It’s just kind of a fact of life now; where there’s ghosts, there’s goo. It’s gross and weird, but it can be made to serve the greater good with a little creativity. Or, if you’re lacking creativity, you can just make it look like Luigi. 

Introduced during Nintendo’s E3 presentation, Gooigi is a new feature in the upcoming Luigi’s Mansion 3. Luigi’s new Poltergust vacuum allows him to dispense ghost goo in his own image and remotely control it. Apparently, Gooigi was created when Luigi’s associate, Professor E. Gadd, accidentally spilled his coffee into a beaker of ghost slime (which is not the same thing as ghost goo). Gooigi’s gelatinous nature renders him immune to physical hazards like spikes. The internet, being the internet, took an immediate interest in the squishy plumber, and the tweets started to flow. Flow like goo. 

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