Toblerone Can No Longer Show Matterhorn on Packaging

Credit: Unsplash

As production of the candy moves, Swiss laws force changes.

For the luxury candy bar Toblerone, its most iconic aspects aside from its distinctive triangular shape have been the picture of the Matterhorn on the packaging and the proclamation that it was produced in Switzerland. However, due to some changes going on behind the scenes of Toblerone’s production, that will soon be changing.

Recently, the company that manufacturers Toblerone, Mondelez, announced that they would be moving some of their production efforts out of Switzerland, and instead in to the Slovakian capital of Bratislava. Due to “Swissness” laws established in Switzerland back in 2017, any product that is not exclusively sourced and manufactured in Switzerland cannot claim to be produced there, nor feature Swiss iconography, which means Toberlone packaging will need to change.

“For legal reasons, the changes we’re making to our manufacturing mean we need to adjust our packaging to comply with Swissness legislation. We have removed our Swissness claim from the front of the Toblerone pack and changed our description ‘of Switzerland’ to ‘established in’,” a Mondelez spokesperson explained to CNN. The image of the Matterhorn will also be removed and replaced with a more generic mountain image.

According to the spokesperson, the new packaging will feature “a distinctive new Toblerone typeface and logo,” as well as the signature of Theodor Tobler, one of the original creators of the candy.

“Bern is an important part of our history and will continue to be so for the future,” the spokesperson said.

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