Twitch VTuber Streams for 31 Days Straight

Credit: Unsplash

Streamer Ironmouse has set a subscription record on Twitch.

In the last few years, VTubers, a subset of streamers that use animated avatars in lieu of live facecam feeds, have exploded in popularity on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. On YouTube, several of the highest earners of streaming superchats, monetary donations given during a livestream, are VTubers. Over on Twitch, another VTuber has concluded an impressive marathon stream, setting a record in the process.

Twitch VTuber Ironmouse, known for her variety streams where she plays games, watches YouTube videos, and chats with other streamers and VTubers, concluded her “subathon” event this morning, wherein she streamed uncapped for 31 straight days. The stream was governed by a countdown timer, which viewers could add time to by subscribing and tipping. Several times throughout the stream, when the counter was close to ending, Ironmouse received a massive influx of new subscribers, enough to add multiple hours to the timer.

Thanks to the massive outpouring of fan support, Ironmouse has set the third-place record on Twitch for all-time peak active subscriptions with 170,088, only behind two of Twitch’s most prolific streamers, Ludwig and Ninja.

“Thank you all for one of the greatest months of my life. I am eternally grateful for all your love and support and I am just shocked at all the milestones we hit,” Ironmouse wrote on her personal Twitter.

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